Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Always jousting, never sitting still

So, 2012 is supposed to be about envisioning a future for myself in Connecticut. I left Syracuse with much optimism: an offer on my house, new syllabi created, a space to learn more about where I'm living, and hope.

Ah, surely I joust.

I bought a lemon of a home when I returned to CNY. I should never have purchased one, but having sold my house in Indiana, it seemed like the logical thing to do. I lived paycheck to paycheck to fulfill my mortgage obligation AND I loved that house: the land, the nature, the woodburning stove, the openness. I did not have much extra to invest in home repairs, although I did what I could.

When I moved in, we noticed the floors were uneven and when we had the home inspected an officer saw nothing wrong. He reported the floor must have been replaced. We now suspect that was a scam by the realtor at the time and that the jousts underneath the house had rotted and the floor sank.

Witness the jousting above. That is me against life. Live versus me. Several inches of water have resided underneath the house in the crawlspace for more than a decade and this has caused jousts to rot. That is why the floors are uneven. The inspector I had did not report this when I purchased the home, yet the inspector hired for SELLING my home discovered it. So four more years of joust rot has occurred. It needs to be repaired and, because I am an honest person, I will repair it.

Thunk. Whack. Phwtt. Bop. Life is hitting me hard again. I truly am jousting.

As I try to think ahead to the Connecticut world, my mind is focused on my house in Syracuse. C'est la Vie. I am imprisoned to a soaked foundation in North Syracuse that needs a gigantic sump pump. Let the slurping of my wallet begin.

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