Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hello, 2012

The first telephone book ever issued contained only fifty names. The New Haven District Telephone Company published it in New Haven in February 1878. That is Connecticut.

I laugh. Phone books continue to be sent to me and I have stacks of them in a closet that need to be recycled. I wonder who funds these in a technical world where our fingers might only need to tap across a QWERTY keyboard to Google what I need. It is interesting how quickly our society changes (and resources go with them).

A man in my graduate class today shared a photo of the 1960s where an African American man was being attacked by a police dog. He reminded us that fifty years ago, the U.S. was struggling to act out its democratic promise. Sixty years ago, women were encouraged to find a husband, and not a job. Once upon a time, English was the norm in U.S. schools but many teachers today experience over 100 languages being spoken in their school district.

What we need is to teach and encourage youth to be flexible for the changes to come. I believe in the past for offering us knowledge and foundations. Yet, I also think we need to be logical with the curriculum we offer. Would it be smarter to teach the yellow pages or how Facebook makes staying in touch possible? I believe some feel a return to the Yellow Pages is good for us.

But is it?

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