Saturday, January 14, 2012

I am not Bill Cosby

I was invited by the 5th grade team at Kings Robinson Magnet School in New Haven to do a workshop with students and teachers on comparative/contrast writing. In researching the school, I learned that the one and only, Bill Cosby, recently visited the school and shared his vision of hard work, perseverance, and dedication. I had to laugh that I, too, was fortunate to work with such stellar students (and that laughter is not from novocaine and my lip hanging down to the floor).

The IB program implemented at the school teaches students to view the world as curriculum, to read often, and to aim high. The kids treated me like a superstar and energized the potential of what young people can do when given the tools to write. Their teacher, Tania Nicole Williams (who participated in the Connecticut Writing Project's Summer Institute at Fairfield University, recently sent me the invitation after she completed an audio podcast project with her 5th graders. They impressed me so much I knew I had to go.

I am charged by her brilliance as an educator and what her colleagues had to say about their young writers. The hope and magic is definitely alive at their school.

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