Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Alice's Brilliant Idea Finally Implemented in Connecticut

Every year, Alice Stevenson (the History counterpart to my English class) joked we should start the first day of school with the song from THE KING AND I, "Getting to Know You."At the college level, though, new students arrive every semester, so yesterday was like a first day of school.

As students trickled into my graduate course, I thought I would finally use the song she suggested to introduce myself to students and vice versa. It was an easy task to lip sync to the musical and shake everyone's hand. Musicals are corny and, well, so is learning, no?

Of course, it was not as special without Alice at my side laughing at the foolishness of the idea. But I can say, Alice, I did it and I made fun of myself like you would want me to....and it sort of worked.

The only thing that could have been better would be if Alice was still right next door to laugh with me.

Sigh. I miss teaching with her immensely.

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  1. Truly a brilliant idea! When I get my own first class of preschoolers, I think I will try it too! Bryan, altho we are geographically faraway , I hope you know that we hold you close in our hearts.