Sunday, January 22, 2012

It took a while, but it followed me to Connecticut

If I was braver than I am, I might have ordered a pizza last night after removing the seven inches that fell in Stratford, Connecticut. My snowblower, however, was thankful to be put into use, though, and because I live on a busy street, I had the big plows pushing a barricade at the bottom of my hill. They also knocked over my mailbox. I fixed it fast.

It came down rather hard for a while and people were still driving my street. I guess it is not easy for people to stay in and, perhaps, more CNYers are in the area and know that seven inches is nothing to sweat about.

The forecast has temperatures warming up and that is fine by me. I do not want ice to build up on my steps because Weijing and I will never be able to climb to my front door.

Outside my house are several pine trees and I love the way they look with snow piled upon them. They only need a red cardinal to make it more picturesque. With the day spent in doors, I actually unpacked more things since I moved in last August. A little bit here...and a little bit there.

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