Monday, January 30, 2012

The Leatherman

Two of my graduate students, Andi and Peter, told me I should look into "The Leatherman" legend of Connecticut for my 2012 blog. There are many varying stories, but he was a vagabond who never went indoors and who was seen wandering between Connecticut and New York in the 1860s. Many became curious of this wanderer and his leather clothes.

Every 34-days he returned to the same locations at the same time in a cyclical routine of wandering to and from New York. His legend continues as people continue to report they have seen him in the same locations he traversed over 150 years ago.

Is he a ghost? Did he really exist? Might he be crazy for wandering the streets in Connecticut with all its crazy traffic? Or is he simply a man just like me who never could afford the ridiculous prices of this excessively expensive state?

No one really knows for sure. BOO! I scared you. I know I did.

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