Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A little history of the state I am in

I am not going to delve into my mental state. It is a bit tricky right now due to life circumstances, but I thought it would be smart to learn more about the place I reside. First of all, Connecticut rhymes with got to get a haircut. It is a bit forced, but it is a fact, indeed.

Connecticut was an original colony founded by the Dutch after they ventured up the Long Island Sound and began trading to work against the English and the Pequot Indians. With them came small pox that did a number on indigenous people. The Dutch didn't last long and by 1965 they retreated to Great Britain. Colonists from Massachusetts went south and began to settle the area with easy access to the water.

It is interesting to know that Long Island could have been given to New York, but through the power of the Duke of York, the Empire state claimed the land. I suppose it might be nice, today, to know I could cross the sound and visit relatives in the same state. Alas, they're Yankees because of York's prestige.

Connecticut was involved with the American Revolution. The British landed to its territory to maintain power of their colonies, but as history tells us, they failed. It was occupied shortly by the French during the revolution efforts, as well (more indication of Europe's imperials thirst - the same lust that divided Africa and caused the civil wars of the 20th century that uprooted many of the refugee families I have worked with). Americans, however, were triumphant (and note that the land they claimed belonged to native Americans before European occupation.

That's a good start and I will finish there. More is to come, however, so stay tuned.

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