Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Not Judge Judy. Judge Bryan

I will be spending free time this week (rumor is that free time still exists and that I should designate a part of each week to it) to scoring for the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards and the Alliance for Young Artists and Writers. My team of twenty teachers will look at short fiction, flash fiction, poetry, news writing, essay writing, portfolios, dramatic scripts, and expository writing and help this program find the best adolescent writers in the United States.

When I taught in Kentucky, I sent a few entries their way and my kids won a gold and silver keys. I was proud of them. The publications of writing and artwork that result from this are astounding and, for the best, scholarships are offered.

In 2012, creativity deserves to be recognized and that is why I promote the work of these organizations. In a time when curriculum becomes more and more standardized and leaders look to quantify what is known rather than qualify the possibilities of what youth can do, I applaud Scholastic and the Alliance. They offer hope.

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