Friday, January 20, 2012

Nuts about Quirky Karma, Happiness and the Noise

Sometime after I finished my first Masters degree, it occurred to me that if I wrote a page a day, I would have a novel by the end of the year. Arriving to that idea fresh out of my hippie stage, I wrote a postmodern book about a squirrel named Nova Scotia who fell in love with an albino squirrel. Their forest was being torn apart to build a new zoo and they went to war with human beings (I, too, have never reread what I wrote, but it kept me busy for a year). I based the story on the albino squirrels I always saw on U of L's campus.

Fast forward through the Brown Years, the Syracuse University Years, and now I am in Connecticut.

This morning when I was running I saw an albino squirrel. I instantly got a good feeling that it was a sign that a lot has changed in my life, but the peculiar exists to remind me of creativity, oddity, and things that make me go "hmmmm." Thank you, White squirrel, for triggering a piece of my past and making me feel a little more comfortable in this Connecticut world.

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