Monday, January 23, 2012

One thing that has not changed in my living environments: Kentucky, New York, and Connecticut, is the position I take on Sundays. Alice would refer to this as the "L"-shaped colon position in reference to how one sits on an airplane. For me, though, it is the form I find myself in while preparing for the work week, catching up on tasks I have put to the side, and doing the piano keyboard thing.

That is, on Sundays, I write, grade, and read.

Sure, the t.v. is on (somewhere in Cicero, Mike's screaming can still be heard - Go Giants), but I spent my time sitting...sitting...sitting. In fact, when I get up to pee my bones crack because I have been in the L shape for so long.

Man, there are other L's I would rather have: love, licorice, liquor to name a few. Yet, Sundays position me on my arse.

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