Saturday, January 7, 2012

PEZ pay attention to me!

I am not sure whether or not I will find a more phenomenal post than this. Yesterday while driving home I learned that PEZ candy's largest factory is in Orange, Connecticut, a couple towns from here. I learned this from a Geico commercial of all places and I almost went off the road in excitement. Could that mean there is a Pez tour that friends, family, and I can take when they visit? Is it like a beer plant that has tastes after the tour? How much is admission?

I am stoked.

Of course, there's controversy surrounding the plant and I doubted the green Gecko myself because I didn't realize Connecticut had jobs that typically were outsourced overseas. I am totally intrigued about everything PEZ and I imagine I will learn a lot when I finally get a walking tour. Kentucky had its Derby, and New York has its big apple, but Connecticut has the PEZ factory. That is beyond cool and it is now a quest to find it.

Sigh. After careful research, I learned they don't give tours. They do have online videos, though. Boo Hoo.

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