Friday, January 6, 2012

Return to Karma, 2010

I wrote a letter last night to a mentor, a friend, a guide, an angel, and an inspiration to thank her and her husband. In 2010, I spent my year focusing on KARMA and questioned the world for 365 days of kismet. It was a year smack-dab in the middle of leaving the classroom in 2007 and arriving to Connecticut in 2012. Does doing good by the world result in goodness to return?

I love Louisville and I love Syracuse. I also love the work I have been able to do in both locations. Now I am in Connecticut. It has been a difficult road (far from easy), although I have grown to appreciate the experiences I have had with the individuals who changed my life, the obstacles that presented themselves to me that I needed to overcome, and the daily existence I was fortunate to establish with many people I love. With this said, for the last four years I have not have had economic comfort and I lost money. Recent news, too, added to my financial woes. I had begun to think that I made a mistake doing doctoral work and leaving the financial comfort I once knew.

And this is the reason for today's post. I believe in magic and love. I also know I have a lot of karma to return to the world.

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