Monday, January 16, 2012

Sorry about this post

But I can not help it.

After four weeks of a winter break, where I revised a dissertation, created two new syllabi, revised a book chapter, organized twenty teachers to score for Scholastic, did a workshop for 4th graders and another for 5th graders, wrote three recommendation letters, sent requests to several politicians on behalf of the Connecticut Writing Project, created a budget to keep our site alive, and mentally wrestled with the financial reality of selling a home in upstate New York, it is time to teach once again. I think I had a bit of a break at some point, but somehow I remember it involving a sausage roll and fist fights.

So, I want to go on vacation, but it's "back...back to school again."

Lucky for me, I only have to teach for four and a half hours tomorrow. It is always strange f the night before a new set of students arrive. I will only have some new students, though. Most of mine have carried over from last semester. Only the content and courses will be different.

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