Monday, January 16, 2012

Still getting my bearings

42 million people have had lives disrupted from civil unrest. 16 million of these individuals live in refugee camps in other nations. In 2008, the United States granted asylum to 1% of refugee populations worldwide.

These are some of the findings from my dissertation, and I wanted to know more about Connecticut.

Connecticut has relocated approximately 3,000 refugees since 2005. Many of these are Karen from Myanmar who were living in camps of northern Thailand. Also, individuals from Congo, Somalia, Cuba, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Liberia, Burma, Burundi, Iraq, and Bhutan found homes in Waterbury and New Haven.

Carol Pipher describe the changing demographics in the U.S. as diversity happening in the middle of everywhere. For me, it represents that the American dream is still alive. Yet, I also know that the dream is much harder than most imagine (including those who are American-born and struggling in the U.S.).

And this this said, I have much more to learn about Connecticut's work with refugee families.

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