Thursday, January 12, 2012


Teachers often get a bad rap. In fact, they seem to get a horrendous one in the age of high stakes accountability, union bashing, and anti-public school mentality. With this said, I see some of the same flaws and I have to admit, these flaws are real.

That is not why I post, however. This is to celebrate what I witnessed last night.

Twenty teachers from the Connecticut Writing Project volunteered to score writing for a national contest. They gave up an evening to be trained, arrived, and began scoring. They realized they would have to finish on their own in the next two weeks, but committed to the creativity of youth, they were willing. They are not being paid. I could only afford to get them pizza. Yet, they came. And they talked about why: "to see what the nation's best are doing," "to discover possible writing assignments" "to encourage more types of writing beyond state assessments," "to be with colleagues," "to recharge my battery."

These are parents, spouses, and educators with 100s of students every day yet they find a little more oomph in their week to support one of the few programs in this country that promotes the artistry of youth.

That to me is heroic. That is admirable. Thumbs up, Connecticut.

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