Saturday, January 28, 2012


My department met with Paul G. Vallas yesterday and heard his vision for Bridgeport Schools and his desire to network communities to do what is best for students, including accountability, professional development, and support. Dr. Vallas has worked in Chicago, Philladelphia, Haiti, and New Orleans and use financial resources from multiple organizations to bring reform, sustainability, and balanced budgets to struggling school districts.

I know many are optimistic that he will be able to provide serenity to a local school district that has struggled in the post-industrial, mid-size city such as Bridgeport. I, too, look to his leadership for its vision, investment in teachers and students, and smart choices to push youth towards success. I am hopeful his time in southern Connecticut allows resources to unite and to provide best practice and services to a school system with a troubled past. Bridgeport, like many cities of its ilk, needs direction, and direction is what I hope he is able to accomplish.

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