Sunday, January 29, 2012

Words with Friends, not Day with Friends

Perhaps the 21st century redefines social spaces and how individuals get together to play games. Here I am in Connecticut playing a Scrabble-like game with friends, family, and colleagues across the nation and world. That is something rather remarkable and I am glad to have discovered the mind distractor, although I recognize it can suck up a little too much time.

Even so, on days like today when I have continued my manic movement of reading, writing, and grading, it has been fun to be distracted from time to time to play with others, even though many of the others I play with CHEAT (no, Cynde and Nikki....not you. It couldn't be you).

And its strange, too, because I can now FaceTime and, like Words With Friends, it changes actual face time with friends. It seems I see human beings less and less as I age, but I am in more constant contact with them. I wonder how many points I would get for Connecticut Crandall. Probably 0. I would never be allowed to play such letters.

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