Thursday, February 23, 2012

95 reasons not to drive in Connecticut

If I wanted, I could leave my house, drive up to Maine, turn around, and then head to Florida. I thought about this today while re-reading Jonathan Mooney's The Short Bus and when he described how he hated taking I-95 from NYC to Rhode Island where he attended Brown.

Why would he hate I-95? I mean, it's only an interstate.

Yes, and in the northeast corridor, it is the artery for connecting most life from NYC to Maine. By the way, I am not going to give you 95 reasons while travel on this road sucks; instead, I have a goal of creating an audiobook of 95 minutes of I-95 stories. These can be rants (like the day I hit a CO2 cartridge, blew my tired, and had to put on a spare when it was over 100 degrees and I was in a tie) followed by Buddhist chants. The humor arrives between the rants and the need to remain calm. That is I-95 music and I have learned to live it in Connecticut as I attempt to get from here to there. Basically, it is a clogged artery and highway stroke 24/7.

I have learned to stay in my office beyond rush hour and to head into work after everyone else goes. This makes I-95 a little more tolerable, but not much. Traveling the route every day makes me miss the back roads between Sherburne and Hamilton where one can drive with the windows down, fly, and enjoy the butterflies when hitting a hill. That is not driving in Connecticut, however. Driving here is the NYS Fair everday. Seriously.

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