Wednesday, February 8, 2012

And about my dreams

Yes, when I close my eyes, I begin to dream in technicolor chaos where ideas invade my sleep and when my eyes open at 6 a.m. I am ready for more rest. Is this the world of a thinking mind?

Last night before sleep, Weijing from Beijing and I talked about China, IPhones, wages, and international business. Her perspective was, "Well, at least you can breathe in the U.S.. At home, I have to wear a mask from all the pollution. And food? You have to be careful what you eat because it can be dangerous for you. Like Baby Powder. I send Baby Powder from the U.S. to my cousins."

She had not heard about the recent news of workers in China, the suicides, the long hours, and the conditions. Actually, she didn't believe me. So, we transitioned and talked about FaceTime instead. They outlawed Apple Phones in China, she said, because the demand is too high. I asked, "But they're made there aren't they?" She said, "No." That is what spurred the conversation. She did not know about recent news of nets outside factories where IPhones are made because of high suicide rates.

My graduate students have been reading LOST BOY, LOST GIRL; ESCAPING CIVIL WAR IN SUDAN. It seems to be divided on whether or not it is an important text for American middle school youth to read. For some, yes. For others, no. For some, they draw parallels to the struggles of youth in the U.S. who live in poverty, and for others, they say, "It is a good thing they are in America because there is no struggle here." It is fascinating how one room can have such varying perspectives of what life is - what is real. What is not real. In text form, I suppose it is simply another book to read to pass a class.

This has me thinking about the movie WAKING LIFE which my students in Kentucky used to say was ridiculous. "People don't think about such things, Bryan." I said, "Well, some do." Same in Connecticut. Same everywhere. Perhaps we only learn what we are willing to open our mind to, and push aside everything else. It is true...the more I know, the less I know. In the next life I want the kind of brain that invents things, makes them marketable, cashes in, and then plays on an international playground observing it all without concern for cost. I don't want to ask why. I simply want to observe it all. Record it all. Enjoy it all I just do not want to worry so much.

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