Friday, February 17, 2012

And it's over

Today is the 17th. I can therefore move beyond my 40th and concentrate on the more seriously things in life. I am thankful, however, for everyone who wished me well and treated me kindly. I am especially appreciative to my photo album of memories (thanks Mom), my many new hats from Connecticut friends, my lunch box from the Barnwells, the beer from the Isgars (although they drank it before it was sent), and the countless Facebook wishes and text messages. This is aging 21st century style.

I made out to dinner, too, although it resulted from several odd events - a vomiting a child, a car accident, and dogs eating paper towels soaked in 2% milk. I am not making any of that up. Everyone is safe and the waitresses liked the hats we wore throughout the evening. I almost canceled when my administrative assistant (slash) friend canceled because we both needed a drink. I am glad I didn't, though, because others were at The Outback (no I do not live in the bubble) to surprise me. I had a few beers in honor of my grays.

So, it is Friday, a day after the 16th, and it is time for the weekend. Let by gones be be gones. As Twippy said, "The next decade is going to be fantastic." With that, I channel her enthusiasm for the future. "Bring it on."

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