Sunday, February 26, 2012

Because if you do not laugh...

Yesterday I went out to get my mail and I saw a check from my mortgage company. I grew somewhat excited thinking that there might have been a mistake in the disastrous closing that occurred at the end of January and that, perhaps, I would not be as destroyed as I was.

I opened the envelope like Charlie Bucket.

I was right! There was a mistake! And my mortgage company wanted to rectify the error they made. They miscalculated what they reported to the lawyer and issued a check to me to fix the mistake.

I proudly received a check from my mortgage company for $0.01. That's right, they sent me a check for a penny. I am thinking I should get a scratch off lottery ticket once I cash this check and use the penny to attempt making a little more money. It seems like a tremendous loss, too, that they would mail a check for a cent when it costs 42 cents to mail a letter acknowledging the flaw in their calculations.

At least one thing is for sure. I now have a penny for my thoughts (at least this thought, anyway)

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