Thursday, February 9, 2012

Best Places To Live

It is good to know four cities in Connecticut made Money Magazines best places to live. They rank towards the bottom of the top 100, but at least Connecticut has some locations deemed somewhat decent. I guess I should also state that I do not live in any of these cities in Connecticut. Yet, I am here.
Rank City Population
84 Bristol 61,000
87 Hamden 58,000
90 Norwalk 83,000
78 Stamford 119,000
55 West Hartford 63,000
It should be noted, too, that the worst cities in America are not listed as Connecticut cities, either. Those are debated between Baltimore, St. Louis, Detroit, and D.C. (our capital - lovely, eh?). Connecticut does not even make best or worst places to live.

I suppose this is why it interesting that the Hatfields and McCoys, Sharks and Jets, and Montagues and Capulets divisions of the state between Star Bellied Sneetches and Starless Sneetches (wealth and no wealth) are so extreme here. The way locals talk you would think this is either the best or worst place to live depending on where you are on I-95. It is the 4th most expensive state to live in preceded by Hawaii, Alaska, and California (the whole northeast ranks high)

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