Monday, February 13, 2012

Good Ol' Prudence

Years ago, I wrote my uncle Milford to inquire about Prudence Crandall. He did research and did not see any family connection to our bloodline, but I always like to think I was somehow related to this school teacher. Why? She was way ahead of her time. First, she started a school for girls and, second, she allowed black and white youth to learn together. As a Quaker, she felt this was a moral obligation.

This makes me a little more proud to be in Connecticut --- this Crandall connection. Whenever I look at this picture I think of my sister, Casey, but now that she has a son, I also think of Shaun. There seems to be a resemblance...I also see my Aunt Bobbie. I may be hallucinating in my dream to have a blood tie with Prudence, and if I had photos from my childhood with me, I would upload my little sister's picture to share the similarities. I want to be related.

Regardless, Prudence Crandall's work needs to be showcased and I am thankful for Lois, my friend and administrative assistant, for making the Connecticut connection more clear to me. I am choosing to channel such work for the next year.

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