Monday, February 27, 2012

It can happen more than once a year

Whereas my older sister, Cynderballs, is treating skin cancer on the tip of her nose and is very self-conscious about it, I have chosen to wish her well on my blog. She shies away from most attention given to her and does not like having blemishes that are noticeable. In fact, I believe she is walking around Syracuse, New York in a Burka. She's pretending to be muslim so no one can see her red, glowing nose. For this reason, I will not post a picture of her because she doesn't like the attention. It is better that no one sees it or knows (nose....get it?)

Then I got to thinking about Herbie who performs in a colorguard competing against Nikki (maybe he doesn't anymore...I don't know). Although Herbie sort of looks like Mike Newman, Mike is not a dentist. Cynde's Mike is not a dentist, either. That is why this beautiful duet between my sister and Herbie who competes against Nikki (but who is not Mike Isgar or Mike Newman) is so perfect for my sister while her nose heals. It is therapeutic music.

I dedicate this to my beautiful sister (who I miss terribly). I wish her a quick recovery. If you look carefully, you will also see that Lossine and Abu's belly buttons that were removed through surgery in January are on top of Rudolph's head. What you don't see are the mortgage brokers and real estate agents hiding behind the tree laughing. Why are they there? Because they clubbed me almost to death like one of those cute, snow-covered seals. They don't want to be found.

Wait. There are no seals in Connecticut? My bad.

It's Monday, everyone. Forgive me.

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