Saturday, February 4, 2012


Qui transtulit sustinet
He who transplanted still sustains.
The Connecticut State motto.

That is my thought for today. I am open to its many interpretations. I have transplanted but am I sustaining anything? Has my transplantation brought with it my Eeyore and Charlie Brown cloud? Will sitting still for a while push through the darkness and deliver the joy as it often does? Do I need to be more patient?

I have been moved for 7 months. I get by paycheck by paycheck although I make more money than I used to. The cost of living, however, slurps away at this and the BUST of my house sale in CNY will be a burden for a time to come. I have entered what could be a dream space with work I am passionate about doing, but because such dreams need to factor in the economic reality of the U.S. right now, and little investment that I can see in fixing the tremendous divides in our nation - I am unsure if good work CAN be done. The more I learn about institutions that have power: government, corporations and higher education, the more I realize they are all entrapped in a system that is greedy, caters to money alone, and neglects the vast majority of American people. I have followed the carrot that said that more could be accomplished through education and a higher degree. Yet, with a higher degree arrived more curtains in the land of oz. The institutions exist to feed themselves and they use human beings to get what they want. $, more $, and more $. They take at the top, but it does not trickle to spaces where it is needed.
It seems solutions would be much easier if we could simply get rid of all the bureaucracies. Period.

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