Sunday, February 5, 2012

A new job; a new Book of Job

While teaching high school, I often taught J.B. by Archibald Macleish which is a play based on the Bible's Book of Job and a testimony of one's man test of faith despite all the obstacles that are laid upon him. In both stories, death comes to his family, poverty is a result of choices, and leprosy is cursed upon the character, yet he never gives up his belief in God and he continues to show loyalty for all God stands for. He maintains a hope that things are for a reason and they will always get better.

I often taught the text to make the point that humans go through trials and tribulations and, in the end, they must keep their faith in all that is good in life. Despite the piles of crap one endures, the obstacle one faces, and the aggravations everyone faces, in the end does he/she continue to respect the opportunities of life and believing that goodness will arrive in the end?

Personally, I have tried to remember this allegory and worked to keep optimism and joy despite the hardships. 2012 in Connecticut has been a daily reminder of Job and J.B. and I draw inspiration from the story. I have choices of whether to succumb to the craziness or to choose hope regardless of the insanity. I choose hope. I choose to believe things always get better and there is a reason why things happen. From the whackiness of unpredictable chaos, and the low points in life, I still maintain that humans have the potential to be and do incredible things. I choose to believe in good (and this may be a downfall, but it is all good). I move forward with a believe that good work is suppose to happen.

Yep, it's all good. God, I sure hope it is.

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