Thursday, February 16, 2012

Officially 40

The Bishop of Stratford, Mr. Luis, has made official birthday hats for my 40th with his phenomenal Aunt Lois who happens to be my stupendous administrative assistant and dear Connecticut Friend.

It seems strange to be in a new place on this monumental birthday and, if time allows, I might to a little reflection - yet that is unlikely. I know I will miss my Syracuse and Kentucky families. I am petrified of the Facebook world and the reality that my timeline will be marked severely.

40. Forty. 40? Oi Vay.

I remember thinking 30 was transitional, but this seems extra peculiar. I still feel 15, but I know my knees ache, my hair recedes, my nostril and ear hairs grow, and my understanding of the world seems less and less, so it must be true. I have lived 40 years of life. Insane.

It happens to us all. Blink. And there you have it.

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