Friday, February 10, 2012

Shout Out From Connecticut

This is a celebratory post in honor of Ms. Janessa Siegel, Brown School Class of 2007, who was named Ms. Louisville Cardinal at the University of Louisville and honored at a recent game at Cardinal Stadium.

Janessa was a stellar student and a phenomenal young woman who I had the fortune of working with during my ten years of teaching in Kentucky. Not only did she make Black history an everyday event throughout her senior year, she also organized a trip to the Freedom Center in Cincinnati, Ohio, for her senior class and the Danish students from Roskilde, and also was instrumental to our Varsity volleyball team, our ten minute play festival, and writing her way into college. The triage of her, and her friends, Loreal and A.J, is something that fuels my teaching.

In Connecticut, I often allude to Janessa Siegel's stellar work in her senior year as inspirational to what youth can do when their passions are embraced and their visions for reading and writing can occur. I am proud of her accomplishment and send joy from the east coast to the midwest!

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  1. Brayn,

    Thank you SO MUCH for this. You were one of the greatest teachers I have ever had, and I thank you for everything you taught me!!!

    Much Love,