Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Such an interesting world

A sophomore from Zambia came to my office yesterday and asked me to help him write a speech for a retreat he is going to this weekend. I met him last semester and this semester he is stepping up his game. Today, in fact, he has an interview with a firm in hopes to get an internship. He is very well schooled and in the United States on a scholarship. He takes easy (yeah, right!) classes like Mandarin Chinese, Philosophy, Honors Seminar, and Calculus.

He has to speak on how he negotiates between cultures and finds himself as both a Zambian youth and a student in the United States. The richness he brings to Fairfield University is outstanding and, in all fairness, he probably could teach a course on his experiences and history. I am glad that he is being tapped for his intellectual contributions. Perhaps the purpose of all schools should be to view each and every student as an ambassador of their world. He truly is a remarkable young man!

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