Sunday, February 19, 2012

Thinking of my Dear Friend, Kirsten

I am thinking of my dear friend, Kirsten, who celebrated her 40th today in upstate New York and, because of distance, I was not able to attend her festivities. Since NSJH, to CNS, to Bingaling, to all the years since, she has been a part of my life. Our parents, after all, united after we went to prom (those M & Ms have not changed one bit).

I put on one of the many birthday hats made for me in Connecticut so I could have a beer in honor of Kirsten this evening. I was thinking about her all day ( even though her actual birthday is not until next week). I even got my haircut, and if you look at my head close enough, you might be able to ask, "You have the Nazi hair, where's the Nazi 'stache?"

Here's to a beautiful friend who I have known and appreciated for the last 26 years. I wish her nothing but the best in 2012 and will be at her side unconditionally until the fat lady sings...or JD gives AF another BJ in the LR (it could happen you know).

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