Monday, February 20, 2012

A Toast from Stratford

My mommy and daddy sent me a check. Kohl's sent me a $10 coupon for my birthday. I scratched off another 20% at the store. The Black & Decker toaster oven was on sale. I got it for $14 and now, after several years, I can make toast. I suppose it is my first big investment since my home investment went down the tubes. I am hoping this $14 will make me smile a hell of a lot more than the $60,000 I lost in my four year home investment in CNY. I am trying not to think about it. It only makes me angry.

Instead, I am thinking about toasting the future and my parents who helped contribute to a special 40th birthday. If I look homeless, that is just a coincidence. I rent a home, just sold a home, earned a Ph.D and....well...the differences since the mortgage bubble collapse are hard to detect. They say 'education pays' but I think it takes a lot more than this. I am the 1% of the globe with an education, and for this I am thankful. Now, if only I could win the lottery so that I can make ends meet in the United States.

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