Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Triage, Part I

I probably should not admit this, but in 2007, I took Keef Williams to the U of L/Syracuse game at the old Freedom Hall. A friend of mine, Dean, wrote Jim Boeheim who sent us tickets and we sat with Eric Devendorf's family in the nosebleeds. They did not know it at the time, but I was wrestling on whether or not I would move to Syracuse for the Ph.D program. I said, "This will be like flipping a coin. Whoever wins, that is where I belong. I will either stay or go."

Syracuse was up in the first half. They were slaughtered in the second. Knowing that the game pointed to the fact I should stay in Louisville, I realized it was dumb to put my fate in the hands of basketball. I did not tell Keef and the other Brownies until later on, but returning to Syracuse was my choice. The game helped me to realize it. It was time to move on and see what the next stage would be.

That is why watching Syracuse play Louisville four years later is strange. Now I am in Connecticut. I have watched Louisville obliterate Boeheim's play for the last four years and admitted Pitino knew something other coaches did not about Syracuse basketball. Yet, last night, the table was reversed. I did not see heart and soul in Syracuse, but a lot of missed shots. Still, they pulled it off. Defeating the Cards for the first time in a long time, especially at the YUM! Center during a White Out, was impressive. That speaks volumes.

My teams play again on March 3rd in the Dome. By then, both teams will be close to their strongest for the season.There is not much at stake, because either way I win. I have both Syracuse and Louisville in everything I do in Connecticut. Red and Orange. Red and Orange. Red and Orange.

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