Monday, March 5, 2012

Happy 70th Birthday, Butch!

Today is my father's 70th birthday and proof he's lived many years beyond his childhood in Sherburne, New York (It's also Muhammed Ali's 70th, Louisville!) and as the husband of my mom. In honor of Papi Butch's day, I wish to list my top ten memories with him.

10. His patience when I dropped the Christmas tree through the garage ceiling.
9. His forgiveness when I drank a little bit too much in 9th grade.
8. His understanding when I backed his station wagon into my mom's Renault Alliance.
7. His dedication and support of Cynde's Colorguard days for many years.
6. His coaching of little league and support of the dents Casey and I put in the house.
5. His sharing of a cold beer whenever I mowed the lawn.
4. His teaching me to fish at Lake Lebanon, the St. Lawrence River, and Oneida Lake
3. His slop dance at weddings and whenever he feels like getting jiggy with it.
2. His driveway talks with me, Karl, and whoever else was around.
1. His tears when he sees Nikki perform (or when he sees all of us getting older way too fast)

I love you dad. I am wishing you the serenity of being in the boat when the walleyes are biting, the skies are beautiful, and the
winds are just right for trolling along the shoreline. Seventy years, Papi. Congratulations.

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