Monday, March 5, 2012

Perhaps some Representation

The Fairfield University Stags will play Loyola for the MAAC tournament at 7 p.m. today. They beat the #1 team, Iona, and if they win, they will be invited to the NCAA tournament (wouldn't it be funny if they played Louisville, Kentucky, or Syracuse). I have yet to see the men's team play and have heard of their up and down performance. Still, one of my students who volunteers for the team has been impressed by Sidney Johnson's coaching and feels he has coached them towards this success.

I guess I will await news to learn if they win and will represent Connecticut and the University where I teach during March madness. It's funny that the mascot is the stag because besides the multiple turkeys walking across campus at any time, there are multiple does and offspring. When I drive home, I have to look out for fowl crossing the street and deer. They match the decor of "Ugh" boots, baseball caps, and sweatpants that don the campus. It's Monday...this wouldn't be a bad start to the work week.

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