Thursday, June 28, 2012

And It's Content

It's a little backwards, but that's okay. So is my instruction.

As part of The Literate Learner class at Fairfield, I did a collaborative art piece where students brought pieces of a puzzle to class to encompass what they thought literacy had to do with their learning. The result was that each puzzle piece spelled out the work Literacy and represented who all of us are as students (and teachers). The idea is that we are stronger when collaborating together.

I have one more class with this group of math, foreign language, and music teachers and I am proud to say they were the first cohort to go through a new required class asking all content teachers to think about what literacy means to their subject area. I will hand their art on my office wall with pride knowing that it was their hard work that made a difference this June. To be thinkers, readers, speakers, and writers, we need one another's content knowledge. That is the way it has always been and what it should be from this point on.

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