Saturday, June 30, 2012

B B B Bee Balm!

Okay, Connecticut.

I've been patient and finally I found a store that had the last red bee balm plant in stock. They also had purpose so I bought one of each. I know I only rent, but my backyard is perfect for the plants and I know local hummingbirds would like to label my home their abode, too. So, I will plant these this morning.

In Syracuse, Cynde and I found them at a farmer's market and although I planted some in her front yard, this is year two wear she weeded them thinking they were not a part of her garden. Chances are they won't come back next year.

These suckers spread and that is why I love them. I also dig their smell. Sure, bees come, too, but isn't that what is beautiful about the outside world?

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