Friday, June 29, 2012

Right Leg

The Clobex has officially healed most of my right leg and although faint scars of psoriasis exist, it does look a lot better than the polka-dotted red splotches of a few weeks ago. My left leg, inflicted more severely, is more stubborn and I am hoping that more Connecticut sunlight will help tame the skin disease.

I hate to be so self-conscious about them but even I catch myself in the mirror and wonder, "What the hell is wrong with that man's leg?" The right one, though, seems to have returned to its normal state for now.

Funny, too, because my roommate, Weijing, made me dinner last night and we began talking about Japan. I showed her my album from 2001 - a collection I haven't looked at in over ten years. She said, "You look like a teenager," and at age 29, I suppose I still was. What stuck me was that my legs did not have psoriasis and there wasn't a single gray hair on my head. Wish I could say that about my head, now.

It's also interesting to remember the days of putting together photo albums to capture memories. It seems blogs such as this (or even Facebook) have become my scrapbook of choice. Flashbacks are more immediate than before and perhaps that is why I loved looking at the Japanese photo album. It's been said before and it will be said again, "Things were so different back then."

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