Friday, July 27, 2012

Celebrating My Co-Director, Julie

For all of us experiencing summer institutes under the National Writing Project model, this post may resonate. The best sessions are run through tag-teaming with a stellar co-director. In my case, it is Julie Roneson of Bridgeport City Schools. I first met Julie through her writing on The Connecticut Post and once meeting her, I realized she was absolutely spectacular. Still waters run deep and she balances out my zany, whacky, and divergent thought processes to bring us back to earth, to remind us of the brilliance of teaching, and the power of believing in writing, thinking, speaking, and reading processes. I couldn't be happier about co-working with Julie this summer.

The photograph is from a workshop led by Nicole Williams of New Haven School District. As part of the workshop, we all were instructed to write commercials about a prop we were handed. When I saw the feathered mask, I knew this prop needed to be Julie's. It matched her writing pal/pail! As the true sport of our institute, she catered to my need to snap a photograph.

Every yang has its ying, and ying its yang. I am thrilled to have an instructional sidekick like Julie and feel very thankful that her wisdom has been with us all summer.

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