Monday, July 9, 2012

Good to see Dr. Covell is still counting in Kentucky

For the many years I worked with the Louisville Nature Center in Kentucky, I always looked forward to attending programs led by Dr. Charlie Covell (contributor to most field guides in the United States for butterflies, insects, moths, and the buggy world). Charlie often stopped by the Nature Center to visit Barbie Bruker-Corwin and many times he would ask me, "Want to go for a hike?" - which we would.

I laugh thinking about this memory because a hike with Charlie was usually ten to twelve steps. He was mesmerized by the world of little creatures and often he'd turn over one leaf when he would start reciting latin names of the insects he was seeing. On a good day, we would hike by, at most, seven or eight plants in the Beargrass Creek Nature Preserve.

The clip above (featured in the Courier Journal yesterday) made me realize how much I miss the nature work I once did, especially learning from entomologists, biologists, climatologists, zoologists, and ornithologists. I also am thinking of Barbie with a tremendous smile. I was 22 when I began that work - first steps into a tremendous world of teaching (and that was 18 years ago).

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