Monday, July 23, 2012

Happy 50th, Phantom Tollbooth

I went for a long walk last night and listened to Wait Wait! Don't Tell Me on my iPod. Norton Juster was a guest and he reflected on the 50th anniversary of his children's classic, discussing that editors told him it would never sell, experts preached it was too lofty for children and would never catch their attention, and critics felt it was silly. He has to chuckle because, well, it's celebrating half-century of existence.

One of my favorite students of all times bought me the book when she graduated in 2004. As an artist and woman of imagination, she thought I would enjoy one of her favorite books. I had never heard of it until that year and I responded by sharing The Point with her. It was a year of creativity for both of us.

I am hoping to find my way back into creativity while teaching in Connecticut and tapping into the spunk and funk I had for so long at the Brown School in Louisville, Kentucky. I think I shall pull Juster's book off my shelf in the office and give it another read sometime in the very near future.

And if you haven't read it, you should!!!

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