Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Hot of the Press

Lopez Lomong has published a memoir called Running for My Life; One Lost Boy's Journey from the Killing Fields of Sudan to the Olympic Games, co-written with Mark Tab. My copy was sent to me in the male yesterday and I'm stoked to read it, especially in anticipation of his second Olympics. It is my goal, too, to include it in a course very, very soon - it would be stupendous to have him speak to a class (once his stress level subsides some).

I feel fortunate that Dr. Felicia McMahon introduced me to him, his family, his brothers, and his Didinga friends. I think back to the last Olympics four years ago and how I dragged my mom and sister with me to a fundraiser in his honor held in Tully. I also remember that during the summer deck party of 2008 at the Isgars, I stayed in most of the night simply because I wanted to see this incredible athlete carrying the U.S. flag in Beijing. With my work in Louisville, then Syracuse, and even in Connecticut, his accomplishments are inspirational. His story, like so many others told to me by relocated individuals from refugee camps, continues to help me teach as I do. Stoked.

I think it is timely to have this to read on the 4th of July. His story is the American story and we are all better because of it. There's still a tremendous amount to do.

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