Monday, July 16, 2012

I-scream, U-scream

Yesterday was National Ice Cream Day.

How many of you visited a local parlor so you could support dairy farmers of America? I know I did. In fact, I'm most likely to support them several more times this summer.

Earlier this summer I loaded my refrigerator with healthy ice cream alternatives so I would beat my summer cravings. After a dish of sugar free vanilla, though, I gave up on my attempt to be healthy. It's not the same as the awesomeness of a good, creamy, milky, and flavorful scoop in a waffle cone on summer nights.

I was not thrilled by Carvel or their customer service, though. In fact, I will be writing a letter to them very soon. One of my greatest pet peeves is when they use the same scooper for all the tubs. My cookies and cream had streaks of orange sherbet, mint-chocolate chip, and pistachio. If I wanted those flavors I would have asked for them. Not too sure I will ever return to their store again. The high school servers were miserable, too, and the counters and floors didn't appear to have been cleaned in days.

Either way, I post this  to plant a craving in your mind so that you might treat yourself to a cone if you missed the national celebration yesterday. If you are attempt to be good like I was then you are free to take the pints in my fridge - they have little to no flavor and, take it first hand, they won't satisfy the taste of the real thing.

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