Saturday, July 21, 2012

It's all good...


Sometime during the last four years I began saying, "It's all good," as a personal mantra and for a response to the world as it unravels itself. I'm not sure where this comes from, but I truly believe it. Once upon a time I had an inner Eeyore and Charlie Brown, but somewhere I picked up optimism as a testimony for survival. Good. It all is.

Two of my friends chose optometry as a career and they live their lives looking into eyes of others and fixing their biological viewpoints of the world. I chose education, books, ideas, and words. I guess in this sense, I chose a more spiritual, intellectual optometry. Still, I believe we do similar work. Whereas they opt for the science of optometry, I opt for optimism. It's all good.

Both have to do with vision and I'm drawn to those who have an artful, creative, and hopeful perspective.

I went to Ellynne Plotnick's jazz performance in Stamford last night and  her passion for music, vocality, and performance were inspirational. She's enrolled in the Connecticut Writing Project's summer institute for teachers this summer, but she is so much more than a career in education. Her vision came through song. It was beautiful. I am thinking of a student, Bridgette, who chose visual creations as her livelihood. I am thinking of Alfred Tatum and his vision for Black male youth. I am thinking of my sisters and their visions for fulfilling absolute love for their children, and I am thinking of incredible mentors, including my parents, who envisioned a better future for me.

And I envision the genius that occurs when everyone around me is encouraged to be the beautiful creatures they were born to be. From this, how could I not chant daily, "it's all good." Even when it's not.

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