Sunday, July 15, 2012

Momma looks beautiful

Mom is envious that dad received a Connecticut post much so that she flooded my inbox of pictures of her before heading to a neighbor's wedding. Those of us in our family know that we spend years and years of photographing my mother and we never can get a good shot. Sometimes her bottom lip rests on her shoulder with drool and other times one eye will be closed as if she has drank 17 gin and tonics. But in this photograph she looks stupendous.

I love, too, that she is wearing beads made hand woven by Sudanese women and that her attire actually went for a good cause - to help woman victimized by the wars in Sudan.

I spent the day by a pool yesterday and am sorry that I missed the bells for Jill Altier and her new husband. Even so, I am thankful that my CNY family sent me greetings in Connecticut so I can still be a part of the festivities. Any time a family member wears AnERip lavenders, a smile crosses my face.

Congratulations dad. Looks like you actually got a good shot of mom!

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