Sunday, July 8, 2012

Must have channeled Japan, 01/14/04

I am not sure where or why this was written, but when I was filing in my office last week, I found the following haiku chiseled onto a maroon folder. I must have been distracted at a professional development or inservice. In black marker with the title, "Today, as I peed" I wrote:

Bladder inflated
caffeinated overdose
adrenaline pain
yapping yuppiness
gathered as gurus of gonk:
poetic nightmares
Blah Blah Blah white sheep
line dancing to overdose rules
be free, poetry
Explode dictionaries
lick language, love lucidity
weave the world with words
Quit hibernation 
Go outside, please, and walk free
taste delicious air
Fallen maple leaves
slick & sandy like beaches
A hawk’s scream - scary
Snowflakes taste windy -
whiplashed whipperwills waiting -
why are we so blind?
Language crack addicts
intoxicated by life:
Dig, daily doodles
diarrhea of day dreams
deep speculations
The Color Purple,
Alice, walking in my soul,
Do you, Celie, see?
Just returned from loo
releasing pent up anger
finally relieved.

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