Tuesday, July 3, 2012


This is how I know Nikki is partially Crandall. I sent her gift cards for her birthday from Connecticut and she went shopping today in New York. I asked her what she bought with the money I sent and she said she and Mimi went to Kohl's. They wanted me to know how much my gift went to support her. I guess I needed the model.

The face, too, is all KC and all Bryan. I think we have hundreds of photos making similar mug shots.

I'm looking for the blue dyed hair but don't see it. Also, I think her nose would look rather swank if it was pierced, but I've been told by her parents that they will kill me if I take her to do it when I return to Syracuse next.

I hope she enjoys her new bikini top, but I think she will get a much better tan if she doesn't wear the t-shirt underneath. Viva la Cicero!

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