Saturday, July 28, 2012

Pequot Library Book Sale - Oh, no...I may be hooked.

You know you are with English teachers during the week when, after spending 35 hours together in the same room, you think it might be a great idea to get a citrus mojito and check out the Pequot Library book sale the day before it opens. Books are double price ($2 or $4) but you get first dibs.

I didn't realize the double price deal until close to checking out. I'm glad I discovered this because I had boxes to purchase.

Why? Well, I blame it on Colette and her USED BOOKS IN CLASS BLOG which is brilliantly written and extremely motivating. Her mission is to hit book sales to replenish school copies of texts, but also to create book floods in schools. She's on to something. I could have bought a class set of Life of Pi or The Kite Runner if I wanted. Instead, I bought books that I knew I would most likely offer as gifts in the next few months. I'll be honest, I stuffed a box under a table in hopes I might return tomorrow when the prices aren't double (just because I am that cheap).

Either way, exhausted but enthused, the visit to the book sale was worth it. I think I may have found a new hobby.

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