Saturday, July 14, 2012

Son of a Butch (part ???)

I was talking to my mother the other day when my father said in the background, "Tell him I don't understand Connecticut Crandall and that the shit he writes doesn't make any sense to me."

Knowing he came late to the computer world and my mother and I have vivid memories of the three-week training conducted to teach him how to use a mouse, I am very impressed that he has discovered my blog and that he has become one of my regular readers.

With this said, it made me think how I might compose a post so he would have more familiarity with my Connecticut musings.

#1. If my father was to ever visit me in Stratford, CT, and he was to smoke a cigarette every three minutes, he could smoke 90 Lucky Strikes.

#2. If my father was to visit me in Stratford, CT, he would be a five-hour drive closer to visit Karl in Florida. Just 20 more hours he would have to travel..

#3. According to Yahoo, there are 10 bars in walking distance from my home so we can get a beer. Yet, I've walked around. I think we will need to drive.

#4. Home Depot is 3.2 miles away from my house. We would need to buy a grill.

#5. I have cable television, although I don't use it. The remote would need to be oiled.

#6. Perhaps we can get UCONN/Syracuse basketball tickets (although I doubt it)

#7. All Butch needs to do to visit his brother in Amagansett and the ashes of his parents in the Hamptons is to take a Ferry across the Long Island Sound.

#8. $#$!#@$#!%!%^!$^$^$  - These are words I say, too, while driving in Connecticut Traffic. These are words he would most likely say, as well.

#9. I can entertain mom. He can sleep.

#10. I have two toilets - no stress there.

I hope this was an easier post to read. Most likely I will go back to my silly randomness tomorrow.

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