Saturday, August 25, 2012

Annual Deck Party at the Isgars

The primary reason for returning to CNY this August was to celebrate Cynde and Mike's Annual Deck Party. Pictured to the right is not Cynde's Mike, but Tracy's Mike (Newman) and his Beer Pong helmets.

It was a tough battle this year but Cynde was the champion, beating Casey and Dave, Mike and Tracy, Mike and Mike, and then Tim and J (did we get a whole name?).

Great job on a gorgeous day in August. There is at least two more days of dips left for anyone who wants to bring their corn chips to Cicero.

I'm not sure if there are Beer Pong tournaments in Connecticut, but if there are, I will be sure to capture them with my cellphone. I don't believe Balls or Newman ever looked as good.

And poor Casey...I hope she eventually got to fall asleep. I managed to escape so I could post this on the ol' blog and I'm going to bed. Casey, however, didn't stand a chance. The eagle eyes were upon her every time she even tried to retreat to a pillow.

My summary - I'm old. I'm good to 11 p.m. and then I want to retire.

Sleep well.

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