Sunday, August 12, 2012

Happy Birthday, Lois!

It's my administrative assistant's birthday, so last night we had a BBQ to celebrate. Leo and I were given aprons to wear and were asked to man the grill (his wife was celebrating her birth as well). It was also a day to have the opportunity to bake Alice's famous Kentucky cake (although I get excessive with the chocolate and, being my mother's son, tend to eat the excess so it doesn't go to waste.

The evening also turned to telling stories while sitting outside and listening to the cicadas. My favorite was Lois's Cancun tales of taking a speed boat to an island where everyone got sick and vomited all over everyone else. Joy.

Seriously, this post is written to wish the incredible Beverly and the irreplaceable Lois a joyous Sunday. May many more tremendous birthdays come their way full of plastic barbie dolls with hands.

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